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 “Our Company is truly fortunate to have Polymer Contours Inc. services available to us.   PC-Products continually purchases and acquires several different styles of containers from Polymer Contours Inc. on an ongoing basis, and the quality is absolutely outstanding.  The PC-Products Brand is known throughout the Hardware & Paint Industry to have some of the finest Epoxy Adhesives available on the Market.  We also pride ourselves in having some of the best looking and most consumer friendly packaging, and Polymer Contours has played a big role in making this possible. 

Polymer Contour’s containers continue to receive compliments from every level of customer we sell to, from the Distributors who warehouse our product, to the Retailers such as ACE, True Value, Do It Best & Lowes, and most importantly the consumer who is opening the package to use our product. 

We look forward to continued growth and a prosperous business relationship with our supplier Polymer Contours.  “

Scott Long, CEO - PC-Products

"Recently we had a manufacturer out of no were decide to stop manufacturing a custom molded product for Five Guys Burger and Fries.  Polymer Contours was able to step in right away and quickly produce a mold and sample which was approved by Five Guys.  The process to from start to stocking product was approximately 30 days.  I know where I will go in the future for new opportunities.  Great Job!"

- Mike Oswald, National Account Executive - Culinary Equipment and Supplies

"Polymer Contours is a key strategic injection molding supplier for ProtoCAM offering excellent service and quality moldings."

Bob Holbrook,  Sales & Marketing Manager - ProtoCAM

“With 10-31 Inc. being such a diverse company in the art display world, we seek out the services of companies that we can partner with for the long term development of our organization.  When each job is different from the last, it is often difficult to find a company that will work with us on small order quantities at a fair market price. Polymer Contours Inc. has shown us that we can manufacture our custom plastic parts at low volume without sacrificing quality or customer service. This approach to our needs coupled with a nominal upfront investment, Polymer Contours Inc. has proven time and time again that they take the same pride in craftsmanship, creativity, and quality materials as we do, ultimately presenting our shared vision to customer satisfaction at every turn. With the support of Polymer Contours, we have effectively cut cost by manufacturing locally as well as streamline our operation through time saved on assembly.

We are excited for the future and we look forward to continued success.

 - William Stender, President - 10-31 Industries

"Polymer Contours made our product development process possible. After speaking with several injection molders, Tyson and his team took our idea from concept to delivered product with speed and precision. While others talked about exorbitant costs and reasons it would take so long, Polymer Contours just made it happen!"

- Mark A. Dammeyer, CEO - Home Sew

"I do a lot of product development and work with start-up projects all the time.  Polymer Contours Inc. has become my go-to shop for injection molded parts.  It has been very difficult traditionally to get a serious response from your typical "Mega-Shop" for a new project that is going to have a limited quantity starting up: their responsiveness shows that you aren't their priority, and their prices are usually prohibitive forcing you to get quotes from China.  Then I found Polymer Contours Inc., the ideal molder for a startup project. Unlike a typical online Rapid Tooling company, PC can handle a complex part with side actions, and you get an actual steel production tool!  Rapid Tooling part cost is always astronomical too.  PC can handle large jobs too (like millions of pieces), but the personal attention you get from the owner, Tyson Daniels, no matter the size of your job, is exactly what's missing in manufacturing in America today.  They have good prices that compete with overseas, they do great work  and they are a nimble business that can adapt to your needs;  What more can you ask for?"

- Lucas Taylor, CEO - Lucas Technical Services

"After repeatedly being charged an absorbent amount of money for sub-par quality, I can say In-Media is truly fortunate to have been referred to Polymer Contours Inc.  We often need customized media kit containers from Polymer Contours Inc. and the quality and price is always spot on.  They walk us through every detail of the design process and have even suggested game changing modifications on several occasions. 

Our containers continue to receive compliments from every level of customer we provide to; from U.S. Army training specialist to public relations firms.  We truly view Polymer Contours as both a partner and integral part of our growth strategy."


Daniel Grudovich, CEO  In-Media Interactive Solutions